Absentia EP out now!

The EP is finally out, here are the tracks although you can get it off bandcamp if you’d like to pay us or download the whole thing for free here.  Both include all the artwork, lyrics, etc.

Repercussions (part V)

It Is Not If…

The Face of Deceit

Was it Worth It?

A Vision of Hell

Under Cover of Darkness

July 2013

The recording is now finished, 6 track ep will be available really soon to download and on very limited edition tape. Here’s a track to be going on with

Repercussions (part V)

April 2013

Here are some rough tracks we recorded at practice, they’ve got the new 4-piece line-up on and there are some new songs in there.  We’re going to record them properly soon.

Repercussions (part V)

It Is Not If…

A Vision of Hell

Was it Worth It? + The Face of Deceit

Thus Ends Your Religion + Under Cover of Darkness

For last year’s demo scroll down…

July 2012

If you want to download our 4 tracks from the demo in high quality FLAC format, plus the artwork, you can download it by clicking here

The split CD is finished!!!

4 Bristol bands THIS ENDS HERE, FRESH MILK, MURDER of CROWS and CRIMEWAVE INC. 4 songs each in a cool fold out cover + insert on recycled paper, vegetable inks and other goodness.  If you like the songs below and want a decent copy of them and loads of other people’s shit, get in touch and we’ll send you one.

September 2011

It might just be my computer, but if you try play these with Quicktime or whatever then it fucks up, if you open it with Windows Media Player it works fine…

At last, we’ve recorded some demo tracks, huge thanks to Tom for recording and mixing.  The lyrics are on the lyrics page

These People Are Not Your Friends

It Is Not If…

The Mistakes of the Past

Was It Worth It?

And here’s a couple of new ones we managed to do a version of whilst we were in there…

It’s Like Punk Never Happened

Thus Ends Your Religion

Recorded on Saturday April 16th 2011

I wasn’t going to put anything new on here until we had something decent but I just listened to what’s already here, which is from last year with the old drummer, and thought, ‘fuck, even that stuff we recorded on a dictaphone at the 2nd full practice we had with Matt drumming back in November is better than this shit.’  So here is a track recorded on a dictaphone at the 2nd full practice we had with Matt drumming back in November, it gives you a slightly better idea of what we sound like now.  Slightly…

Repercussions (part 3)

We’ll do a better recording real soon. Promise.

Below is some stuff we did with the old drummer (I was going to write ‘original’ drummer but I suppose that was technically Matt as he drummed at a couple of early practices), listening back, these can be tactfully called the pre-d-beat years.  For completists only…

February 2011

…it’s mic in the middle of the room time, here are some songs we recorded at practice.  They’re a bit old now, hopefully we’ll have a better recording soon…

… and the words are on the lyrics page.

June 2010