this ends here

Strange doings are afoot at Castle D’Isenzia…

Our three heroes seemed happy and united, no sign of another defection from the ranks, yet a mysterious figure lurked in the shadows, silently watching, learning.  What could his mission be?  Did he mean to do our heroes harm?  Plunder their bejewelled riffs?  Kidnap the mercurial Grey Ham for his own nefarious rhythm section?  The answer was yet more extraordinary.

The stranger swimming against the torrential flood of broken souls fleeing the castle was actually striving to join the cursed band.  Was he an escaped lunatic?  No, he bore the Mark of Roscow and had served valiantly with the Milk.  Wielding an extra axe, black as night, he promised to lead our heroes on the tortuous, and frankly unnecessary, journey to the self-indulgent kingdom of Prog that lay hidden deep within their rectal passages, yet to which they had always secretly longed to travel.

The young apprentice showed extraordinary pluck, making his debut after a mere two practices, and has brought with him the gift of invisibility: the two gigs played since his arrival have been seen by no-one.  No joke.

This Ends Here is now a 4-piece sort of melodic crust band from Bristol.  We are Myles, Jack, Graham and Mark.  Graham also plays in Von Bartha, Jack and Mark play Fresh Milk when they can get it, and Myles plays in Cydernide but that’s a secret.

July 2012

More fucking line-up changes…

The attritional nature of life in TEH claims another victim as Matt bids farewell to our heroes, who once again find themselves in that most of perilous of all predicaments: drummerless.  Who would dare to take up the sticks and toil thanklessly to add coherence to the shapeless twatting around in front of the kit.  One man stepped forward and met our plaintive appeals with a streadfast “yeah, alright, I’ll give it a go”.  And thus it was that the brave Grey Ham of Drum found himself in a dank cellar with the hopes of a nation (of two) resting on his narrow shoulders.  Jaws sagged and eyes boggled as the preternatural skin-hitter bashed out 4 songs on the bounce without so much as a word of guidance.  It was the stuff of legend, almost as if he had listened to the CD and learnt the songs before turning up for a jam…

Two weeks later a rejuvenated TEH stormed the Gryphon and, amidst total carnage, Grey Ham sat unshaken as leads were torn from basses, teeth were chipped on microphones, errant moshers were kicked up the arse and the good ladies of Bristol Roller Derby sat downstairs, totally oblivious to the sacrifices that were being made in their honour.

THIS ENDS HERE is now a punk band from Easton in Bristol (pretty much, Jack’s almost there now).  We are Myles, Jack and Graham.  Jack also plays in Fresh Milk and Graham plays in Von Bartha.

December 2011

The Saga Continues

More line-up changes…

In June, Mart announced that he could no longer do the band.  His announcement was slightly overshadowed by the fact that the TEH gig he broke the news at was one that Matt failed to attend, having passed out after a 24hr drinking binge.  Nevertheless, for those present at the Queen’s Head that night – me and Mart – it was a sombre occassion.  It’s inevitability, however, was understood: a 4hr round trip and £40 on fuel and toll just to do a practice was always ultimately going to be a (Severn) bridge too far.  The fact that we didn’t practice at all for the last three months and still rocked to fuck at gigs was either testiment to Mart’s consummate professionalism or just further proof that practicing is pointless…

As in previous episodes, the search for a new band member was proving fruitless.  Various offers never really got beyond the drunken promise stage until Jack, in a seriously unorthodox move, said, whilst sober, that not only was he up for playing bass but that he actually had his own bass, a bit like how guitarists and drummers own guitars or drum kits, but, in this instance, a bass.  Weird.  After about 4 practices (or 2 if a practice needs to have all 3 band members present) it was clear that our rookie bassist was ready for the big leagues and so, as July drew to a close, we rolled up to the Queen’s Head and buried the fucking place.  Karma.

THIS ENDS HERE is now a punk band from Easton in Bristol (kind of, Jack lives in Windmill Hill (not in a windmill on a hill (I think, I’ve never been round his house))).  We are Myles, Matt and Jack.  Jack also plays in Fresh Milk and Matt plays in Murder of Crows.

The nightmare continues…

August 2011

A New Hope

These have been some dark, dark days for This Ends Here.  A bleak summer of lost practice spaces lead into a desperate autumn of injuries, absences and cancelled gigs.  As the band dwindled to a two-piece (interesting…) and then even a solo project (shit) things looked all but lost.  Replacement bass players and drummers showed interest but ultimately fell at the final, well first, hurdle: turning up for a jam.  However, the darkest hour is just before the dawn and, when despair was finally suffocating the last gasps of hope and asking “how’s the band going?” was guaranteed to get you your head bitten off (sorry, mum), brave-hearted Mart once again rode to the rescue with a rousing cry of “let’s try find a new drummer!”

His spirit was to be admired but in these straitened times drummers are not something that can simply be found on trees.  Except one (though only if he’s in Italy and needs somewhere to sleep having just fallen out of a bunk bed onto a marble floor).  And so, after joining the two of us for a curry and the ‘rare’ treat of an Eastfield gig, Bristol drumming legend Matt agreed that, despite having repeatedly and wholeheartedly refused to drum for This Ends Here in the past, he could now see that it was, after all, his destiny.

THIS ENDS HERE is now a punk band from Easton in Bristol (kind of, one of us still lives in Swansea).  We are Mart, Myles and Matt.  Mart also plays in Filthy Habits and Matt plays in Murder of Crows.

Only the diehard remain…

November 2010

The Beginning of the End

THIS ENDS HERE is a punk band from Bristol (kind of, one of us lives in Swansea).  We are Mart, Myles and Serena.  Mart also plays in Filthy Habits and Serena does Squeeze Me Macaroni along with loads of other stuff.  We are well up for doing gigs so get in touch

TEH began in the winter of 2009 when Myles started practicing on his own coz he had no friends.  As these practices totally ruled it soon became necessary to find some band mates.  Interest was lukewarm from within the Bristol punk scene until, the night after going to see Victims/Municipal Waste, Serena stepped forward and declared that she shared the TEH vision to do practice, play gigs and rock the fuck out.  She also insisted that, as a highly talented and respected guitarist, she would be best off playing drums.

Finding a bass player proved more difficult as, for several months, few people seemed willing to meet our demand that the bass player should play the bass.  Things were looking bleak as awesome songs started to pile up, bereft of bass, until, out of the craggy Welsh coastline, Mart emerged, clutching a bass and saying that he too thought it would be a right laugh to do some practices and play some gigs.

And so, one portentous Tuesday evening in March 2010, Mart undertook the 4 hour round trip from Swansea to Bristol and This Ends Here was born (although at that point it was called Diane, if you can guess why that was you win a sweet).

This starts here…

Summer 2010